This is shandy – supercharged! Chef and beer lover Tim Anderson’s back at lively London beer festival Craft Beer Rising to show us how to make three delicious and surprising craft beer shandies. By mixing tasty beers with a range of other ingredients, you can knock up some wonderfully refreshing beer shandies. Experiment with your own combinations and let us know what tickles your tastebuds!

Tim’s Recipes:

Lagerito – mint leaves, traditional lemonade, Kona Longboard Island Lager

The Yuzu-al Suspects – yuzu juice, grapefruit soda, Lagunitas IPA, hot sauce, yuzu peel

Sour ‘N Stormy – By The Horns’ Sour to the People, fiery ginger beer, sparkling clementine juice, slice of lime

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Have fun and please drink responsibly.