In this lesson, we talked about alcoholic beverages. This lesson explains the alcohol production method and various types of alcoholic beverages. you would have clarity about different types of alcoholic beverages available in the market with alcohol content (ABV).

This video clears the following points:
1. Alcoholic beverages: Alcohol content, potable drink
2. Alcohol production: Fermentation method/raw material used for fermentation
3. Fermented Alcoholic Beverages: Wine and Beer
4. Distillation Method: Pot still method and Patent still method
5. Distilled Spirits: Rum, Gin, Brandy, Tequila, whiskey, Vodka
6. Compounded Beverages: Liqueurs
7. percentage of alcohol present in different alcoholic beverages Engineering and Maintenance

For the complete detail on winemaking process find the link:
How to make wine:

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00:00 Alcoholic beverages
00:35 Fermentation
01:12 Wine vs Beer
02:14 Distillation
03:39 Spirits vs Rum
03:54 Gin vs Brandy
04:01 Tequila vs Whisky vs Vodka
04:18 Compounded Beverages
04:36 Liqueur

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