4 months after brewing a new beer, I finally got the time to edit a video! In this video I describe our experience of brewing a New England IPA, the thought process when picking ingredients, what steps we followed and the learnings from the mistakes we made.

Link to GBG Beer Week IPA recipe we used as inspiration for choosing malt: https://alnemar.com/b045-gbg-beer-week-2016-neipa/

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Volume: 5 litre

List of ingredients
Extra Pale Malt – 1kg (83%*)
Torrified Oat – 100g (8.5%*)
Torrified Wheat – 100g (8.5%*)
Total: 240g/litre

Mosaic – 25g (40%)
Sabro – 25g (40%)
Cryo Citra – 12.5g (20%)
Total: 15g/litre

Yeast: Safale S-04

Calcium Chloride – 1g
Calcium Sulfate – 2g
Maltodextrin – 125g

* In the video I state that we use 80% Extra Pale Malt, while in reality we used 83%. I also state that we use 200g each of torrified oat and torrified wheat, but 200g is the combined amount.

Brewing process
Heat up 4 litres of water together with all calcium chloride and calcium sulfate up to 67°C. Then put all of the malt in and keep consistent at 67 °C for an hour.

Filter the malt out from the liquid with a strainer, but keep the malt. Warm up an additional 2-3 litres of water to 76 °C. Pour it slowly over the strainer containing the malt and into the existing liquid.

Heat the liquid up to 100°C and let it boil for 1 hour. Then stop boiling, and afterwards add 2g sabro, 2g mosaic and 1g cryo citra.

Hop Stand:
When it has cooled down to 82°C, add 8g sabro, 8g mosaic and 4g cryo citra and let it be for 30 minutes.

Proceed and cool it down as quickly as possible to 20°C. Put it in the fermentation bottle together with half a package of Safale S-04 yeast and shake it to get some oxygen in. Put the airlock onto the bottle and let it ferment for 7 days.

Dry Hop:
After 7 days, add 15g sabro, 15g mosaic and 7.5g cryo citra. Let it ferment for another 7 days.

Filter out all the rest products from the fermented beer. Add 125g of maltodextrin. Mix 30ml of sugar with 1dl of water, this will carbonate your beer. Add the mixture into the fermented beer. Start bottling the beer Let it ferment for the last time for 2 weeks.

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