The Blackberry Porter we brewed in a previous video is done with primary fermentation (definitely check out the brew day if you haven’t). In this video we’re going to add blackberries to half of the beer and use the other half for comparison. The process of adding fruit to beer is also be called infusing. We brewed this beer outside at our friend’s farm and had a lot of fun doing it. We later foraged for wild berries on the farm and now we’re adding those berries to the finished beer. This is our first time brewing with fruit at Clawhammer so we’re hoping you can learn from this video and then we can also learn together. Let us know in the comments if you’ve brewed any beers with wild ingredients and how they turned out. If you like dark beer and want to brew this yourself, check out the links below to a recipe and brewing equipment.

Part I – Blackberry Porter Brewing:
Part II – Picking Berries:
Brewing Setup:
Full Recipe:


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