In this how to video we show you how to properly clean brewing equipment using Five Star PBW, or Powdered Brewery Wash. We start this video right after a brew day so you can learn just what it’s like to clean your own equipment when you’re done brewing. This process is basically as simple as measuring out the correct amount of PBW for the size of your brewing kettle (in this video we’re using a 10 gallon kettle), pour it into your kettle, and heat your cleaning solution up as it’s recirculating. Sanitation and cleanliness are crucial to making good beer so it’s important that you regularly clean your brewing equipment to avoid off flavors. After you clean your equipment with PBW, you can use Star San to sanitize your brewing equipment. It’s important to clean and then sanitize your brewing equipment in that order, otherwise your equipment will be sanitary, but not free from debris from your last brew day. Check out the resources below for PBW, brewing equipment, an article about cleaning and sanitizing equipment, and an interesting article about alternate ways to clean and sanitize your brewing equipment.

PBW Cleaner:
Full Article:
Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment:
Alternate Ways To Clean and Sanitize:

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