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In this video you will learn about the different types of beer so you won’t be embarrassed talking to your friends about beer. Watch this video all the way to the end to find out about a great way to learn how to make your own home crafted beer as well as 700 different types of beer.

The Different Types of Beer

Beer is a preferred drink of thousands of American men. It is a wonderful refreshment to have while seeing the Sunday mid-day football game with the friends. Beer is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of wheat or grain, barley, jumps, rice or corn. Beer has a lengthy past copulating back to when the egyptians strolled the planet. Now a days there are countless different types of beer worldwide. I will briefly discuss several of the most usual types that you can find at your regional liquor store.

Ale: Has a greater liquor percent compared to a lot of draft beers. Often tastes a little bitter and is made from hops.

Bitter beer: The beer is from England. It is generally really bitter beer as it has a really higher content of alcoholic beverages.

Bock: Lager beer made from malt. Dark and strong, a little pleasant sampling.

Ice: Smooth sampling beer that is brewed in below freezing temperature levels.

Lager: Beer that is fermented for months at a time.

Lambic: Beer from Belgium. Beer that is made with various fruits.

Light: Lessened calories and liquor percentage.

Malt Booze: Fermented at heats with a higher than typical liquor percentage.

Pilsner: Lager that is made from hops.

Sake: Beer that is made from rice. It is drunk at space temperature.

Stout: Made from barely. It is very dark and color and bitter.

Trappist: Made in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is made by Trappist monks.

Wheat or grain: This beer is made from wheat or grain.

You should have a better idea of the different types of beer!

Types of Beer

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